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With proven experience in embedded hardware and software development, Embest is one of the best embedded solution experts in China.

We engage strategically with the world’s leading semiconductor suppliers to develop, build and launch the development platforms based on their latest technology.


Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock


Start your designs with our production-ready and customizable platforms:

We have a R & D team with more than 80 engineers, leveraging more than 15 years’ experience in embedded design.

Embedded HW

  • Turn-key Embedded System Design

  • ARM-based, MCU/DSP and FPGA development

  • Single Board Computers & Accessories

  • SOMs

  • SBC Customization

  • Evaluation Boards

  • Expansion Modules

  • FPGA Design

Embedded SW

  • Embedded firmware development & integration

  • Control, I/O Processing, Communication

  • Application and Drivers

  • Linux , Android , WinCE

  • CoOS / uCOS-x

PCB Layout

  • PCB layout 1 to 30 layers

  • EMC/EMI signal integrity analysis

  • Pre-layout simulation & analysis

  • Circuit Simulation & verification

  • PCB board fabrication

  • High speed digital signal design

  • Wide range of PCB design tools


  • CE, FCC

  • R & TTE, UL, FM, Shock Vibration

  • MIL, ITAR Registered

  • Automotive

  • FM, CSA, ATEX, and IEC for Haz-Loc

  • Explosion Proof

  • FCC Part 68 (modems)


  • RoHS & REACH Compliant

We can customize an existing platform or deliver production-ready enclosures. Choose one of the followings to start with:




To ensure each product can be manufactured in a quality-first, cost-competitive and effective manner

we will conduct industrialization assessment to optimize the manufacturability of the product design.


Why We Rock

DFX study & BOM optimization

Conduct comprehensive assessment on the product materials BOM and layout design

Feedback to customers, amend BOM and layout

Ensure product quality and manufacturability at expected cost

Quick-turn Prototyping & Test Fixture Development

Professional testing procedures and test fixtures are conducted for every project

Why We Rock
Why We Rock

Dedicated NPI engineer for each project

A dedicated NPI engineer is entitled to monitoring the full process of each project to make sure that all occurred problems are solved.

Certification/compliance testing

Embest performs the reliability test standards and directives strictly to provide professional certification / compliance test for customers. We work closely with SGS to provide CE, FCC certification according to customers’ specific requirements.

Why We Rock


We are the entrusted manufacturer of some of the world’s most famous products.


Why We Rock

Raspberry Pi & Accessories

Why We Rock


Why We Rock


Why We Rock

Panasonic Grid Eye

Why We Rock

Renesas Synergy Platform

Why We Rock

BeagleBone Black


We strictly conduct SIPOC process and quality control through the whole life cycle, from material supplier selection to product after-sale service.


ISO9001:2015 certified
All products have 1 year of warranty, all industry-level products are ensured with a life cycle of over 10 years of continuous supply
The strategic partnership with the professional certification agency SGS provides professional test certification such as 3C, CE and FCC


We have 13 SMT lines and a dedicated and experienced production team to manage all products’ manufacturing process, from low, mid, high to massive volume manufacturing. We deliver 1.5 million units of Raspberry Pi products, 1 million pieces of Micro:bit, and 200 thousand pieces of other boards annually.

Production and processing

Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock

Functional Test

Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock
Why We Rock

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We have a sales network spreading all over 60 countries and regions, including China mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America, Europe, South America and Africa.

We have access to easier and simplified customs procedures with Shenzhen AEO (authorized economic operator) certificate, which is also recognition of quality assurance.

We take care of your shipping and logistics needs, so products you need are delivered to your doorstep for your convenience.

China to EU & NA: 3 days by express services and 6 days by air

You can purchase our products on Premier Farnell website URL

Also you can contact our reseller
















Service Hotline
TEL: 86-(0)755-33190868-863/829/853
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