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Manufacturer: Samsung
Kernel: ARM 9
Time: 3~15days
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S3C2440A multi-function development board using Samsung high-performance ARM920T core processor, is a handheld device designed for low power consumption, high performance, fully functional, cost-effective development board. The working frequency of the product is 400MHZ, which can be used for MP3 codec and MP4 decoding, and can be connected with 1 million 300 thousand pixel camera. The use of the core board + floor +3.5 inch 320*240 resolution touch screen structure, the bottom with a different LCD interface, optional 7 inch TFT touch screen or other size screen.

EM-S3C2440A multi-function development board

Chip Introduction:


The S3C2440 processor is the Samsung company ARM ARM920T processor based on S3C2440 is a highly integrated chip, the kernel rate is 533MHz, the core voltage is 1.3V, the 16/32 ARM920T RISC core, providing interface support: digital camera, TFT/STN LCD screen, USB, HOST/DEVICE, IIS, NAMD, SD/MMC/SDIO audio flash memory card and touch screen etc.. The product is made of 0.13 micron CMOS processor.

Hardware Features:


CPU Processor:

  • Samsung S3C2440A,400MHZ master frequency, 533Mhz highest frequency

SDRAM Memory:

  • 32M SDRAM x 2 on board

  • 32bit data bus

  • clock frequency of SDRAM is up to 100MHz

  • FLASH memory

  • 64M Nand Flash on board, not volatile when power-down

  • 1M Nor Flash on board, not volatile when power-down

LCD display:

  • Supports a variety of monochrome / pseudo-color / true color LCD screen (its resolution is up to 1024x768)

  • Supporting the four-wire resistive Touch Panel

Interfaces and resources:

  • One 10M Ethernet RJ-45 interface

  • A serial port, COM0 for RS232 DB9 interface (TTL interface also leads to), COM2 and COM3 for 2.0mm

  • A USB Host A-type interface (USB 1.1 Protocol)

  • A USB Slave B-type interface, (USB1.1 Protocol)

  • An SD card memory interface

  • a stereo audio output interface ,a microphone interface

  • A 2.0 pitch and 20-pin standard JTAG interface , mainly used to download the BIOS / vivi

  • A 2.0mm pitch and 44-pin IDE standard hard disk interface

  • onboard Real Time Clock battery

  • Power Interface (+5 V), with power switch and indicator light Expansion interface

  • A 20-pin GPIO interface Two fully functional expansion serial port size

  • Core board size 53.975 x 85.598 (mm)

  • Floor board size 163 x 120 (mm)

Operating Systems Supported:

  • Linux2.6.13

  • WindowsCE.NET 4.2

  • WindowsCE.5.0

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