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Manufacturer: Freescale
Kernel: ARM Cortex-M0
Time: 12 weeks
weight: 0.04 kg

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Development Tools:

  Rich set of Freescale enablement:

  • CodeWarrior with Ease-of-Use improvements

  • Processor Expert: Stand-alone and integrated with CodeWarrior

  • Support 4GB eMMC flash, 4MB QSPI, 32KB EEPROM

 Embedded debug circuit (OpenSDA) enabling quick and easy demonstrations and tools compatibility:

  • Mass storage device flash programming interface (default) – no tool installation required to evaluate suite of demo apps

  • P&E Multilink interface provides run-control debugging and compatibility with IDE tools

  • Open-source Data Logging application provides an example for customer, partner and enthusiast development on the OpenSDA circuit:

  Support from our Ecosystem Partners::

  • Keil MDK

  • IAR Embedded Workbench

  • Code Red – Red Suite

  • Atollic TrueSTUDIO

  • Rowley Crossworks

  • Free GNU command-line tools with GDB server

FRDM-KL05Z Evaluation Board

FRDM-KL05Z Block Diagram

Kit Features:

The Key Features of the FRDM-KL05Z Freedom Board are:

  • MKL05Z32VFM4 in an 32 QFN package

  • Capacitive touch slider

  • MMA8451Q accelerometer

  • Tri-color (RGB) LED

  • Flexible power supply options – OpenSDA USB, coin cell battery, external source

  • Battery-ready, power-measurement access points

  • Easy access to MCU I/O via Arduino ™ R3 compatible I/O connectors

  • Programmable OpenSDA debug interface with multiple applications available including:

  • Mass storage device flash programming interface

  • P&E Debug interface provides run-control debugging and compatibility with IDE tools

  • CMSIS-DAP interface: new ARM standard for embedded debug interface Data logging application

The target microcontroller of the FRDM-KL05Z is the KL05Z32VFM4, a Kinetis L series device in a 32QFN package. The KL05Z MCU features include:

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ core

  • up to 48 MHz operation

  • Single-cycle fast I/O access port

  • Memories

  • 32 KB flash

  • 4 KB SRAM

  • System integration

  • Power management and mode controllers

  • Low-leakage wakeup unit

  • Bit manipulation engine for read-modify-write peripheral operations

  • Direct memory access (DMA) controller

  • Computer operating properly (COP) Watchdog timer

  • Clocks

  • Clock generation module with FLL and PLL for system and CPU clock generation

  • 4 MHz and 32 kHz internal reference clock

  • System oscillator supporting external crystal or resonator

  • Low-power 1kHz RC oscillator for RTC and COP watchdog

  • Analog peripherals

  • One 14-channel 12-bit SAR ADC w/ DMA support

  • 12-bit DAC w/ DMA support

  • High speed comparator

  • Communication peripherals

  • One 8-bit Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)

  • One I2C modules

  • One low-power UART

  • Timers

  • One 6-channel Timer/PWM module

  • One 2-channel Timer/PWM modules

  • 2-channel Periodic Interrupt Timer (PIT)

  • Real time clock (RTC)

  • Low-power Timer (LPT)

  • System tick timer

  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

  • General purpose input/output controller

  • One 8-channel capacitive touch sense input interface hardware module





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