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Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Kernel: ARM Cortex-A9
Time: 3~15 Days
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EVK-PH8800 is an evaluation board on TI AM437X processor based System On Module, TI AM437X processor is based on ARM Cortex-A9 core. It is composed of CPU module SOM-PH8800 and base board BB-EPH1800.


EVK-PH8800 provides plenty of peripheral resources, with 4 high speed USB2.0 Hosts, 1 high-speed OTG interface, one large capacity of the TF card slot for extension storage, 12 bit camera interface, expanded the VGA and HDMI interface, 2 gigabit network interfaces, 24 bit LCD, WIFI, MIC input, the AUDIO output, UART, CAN and RS485 interfaces, etc. In order to facilitate more expansions and functions, we make part of the UART, I2C, SPI resources respectively lead to two 5 pin ribbon cable socket.




System block diagram:


Hardware Features::


  • TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A9 AM4378 Processor

  • 1GByte (512M*2) DDR3 SDRAM

  • 4GB eMMC Flash

  • 32MB QSPI Flash

  • 32Kb EEPROM


  • 1x DB9 RS232 UART

  • 1x 12 bit Digital Camera

  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet

  • 3x RS485

  • 2x CAN

  • 4x high-speed USB2.0 Host

  • 1x USB OTG

  • 1x TF Card

  • 1x WiFi Module

  • 2x 10 Pin External Interface (I2C,UART,SPI and so on)

  • 1x 4Pin UART serial debugging interface

  • 1x 24-bit true-color LCD interface (supporting 4-wire touchscreen)

  • 1x VGA interface

  • 1x HDMI interface

  • 1x MIC Input

  • 1x Audio headphone output

  • Power Jack (+12V round DC power jack )

  • 1x Power Reset Button, 1x system Reset Button, 1x boot Button and 2x buttons by customers

  • 1x RTC

  • RoHS compliant

  Electrical Features:

  • Operating Temperature:0~70℃

  • Input voltage:9-25V

  • Operating humidity:20% ~ 90%

  • Main Board Size: 180 mm × 120 mm

  • PCB specifications:4 layer design


Software Features:

OS Item Features Description
Linux Kernel Version 4.1.6
Drivers USB OTG,USB Host,Gigabit Ethernet, TF, eMMC , EEPROM, CAN, RS485, Audio, LCD Controller (supports 4.3- and 7-inch LCD), RTC, HDMI, Touch driver, Button, UART, LED
File system UBIFS Default root file system used by debian



  • Potable Data Terminal

  • Industrial Control

  • Communication

  • Security & Protection System

  • Measuring Instruments

  • New Energy Vehicle Charging Station





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