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Manufacturer: Samsung
Kernel: ARM 920T
Time: 3~15days
weight: 0.4 kg

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  • Samsung's S3C2440A ARM920T Microcontroller, Operating frequency 400MHz

  • 64MBbyte SDRAM + 128MByte Nand Flash

  • System can be updated through USB port

  • UART, USB, Ethernet, LCD, Touch Screen, Audio, SD card, Jtag,...

  • Supporting for Linux 2.6.13 and WinCE 6.0

SBC2440-III Single Board Computer

Linux u-boot
(Do not provide
source code)
Boot Start up system
Tftp Support tftp transmitting protocol
File system Support writting yaffs file system image into nand flash
Kernel Support writting kernel image into nand flash
Kernel Parameter Support kernel parameter setting
Etc. Others
Kernel and Drivers Version Linux kernel 2.6.13
Serial device Three serial ports (Provide source code)
Ethernet DM9000 (Provide source code)
RTC (Provide source code)
USB Host (Provide source code)
LEDs (Provide source code)
Buttons User buttons (Provide source code)
Language Multi-language Support
LCD Support LCD resolution 640x480, 480x272, 800x480 (Provide source code)
Touch panel (Provide source code)
Sound UDA1341 (Provide source code)
Embedded GUI Qt/Embedded (Provide source code)
Mizi Provide burn image only
opie Provide burn image only
Network protocol
& application
TCP/IP TCP/IP protocol
File transfer (FTP Client/server)
Remote login Telnet protocol
Web server boa web server
Wince Bootloader stepldr Copy Eboot to SDRAM to jump to Eboot
Eboot Ethernet bootloader for wince, support
downloading image through USB device port
Driver Serial device Three serial ports (Provide source code)
Ethernet DM9000 (Provide source code)
USB OHCI (Provide source code)
USB Device (Provide source code)
RTC (Provide source code)
Buttons User buttons (Provide source code)
LCD (Provide source code)
Audio UDA1341 (Provide source code)
SD/MMC card (Provide source code)

General Description:

Embest SBC2440-III Single Board Computer is based on Samsung S3C2440A ARM920T microprocessor. It consists of a CPU board Mini2440-I and an expansion board. The Mini2440-I CPU board is mounted onto the expansion board through two 2.0mm pitch 2*42-pin dip connectors.

The SBC2440-III comes with 64MB SDRAM and 128MB Nand Flash on CPU board. The expansion board has extended hardware peripherals which greatly incresed the capabilites of Mini2440-I. It has integreated SD card interface, USB interface, 10/100M Ethernet interface, 3-channel serial port, 1-channel USB Host and 1-channel USB Device and more others.

The board is capable of supporting for Linux 2.6.13 and WindowsCE 6.0 operating system. Embest provides the software BSP along with documents to help customer start with their development quickly.

Function Block Diagram:

SBC2440-III Single Board Computer

Customer Design Service:

Embest also offers customer design service based on the SBC2440-III board according to customer's requirement. Whether you need to reduce, add or modify to existing hardware, Embest will help customers with expert competence and rich experience.

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