EMB9G45 Android 3G Mobile Internet Development Platform

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EMB9G45 Android 3G Mobile Internet Development Platform



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Block Diagram
Hardware Features




Atmel SAM9G45 (ARM926EJ_S),400MHz
250MB NAND Flash
2MB Nor Flash
LT1963EST-3.3(Power Manage IC)
2 LED,2 button


4.3’TFT touch screen,480x272 resolution


SIM300D GSM 2G Triband 900/1800MHz
Qualcomm WCDMA 3GTriband 2100MHz


EB3612 the third generation GPS module,high precision


Realtek RT2812 WiFi(IEEE 802.11g/b)
CSR BC4 Bluetooth V2.0
WCDMA 3G wireless network
DM9000 100M wireline network


WM8731 Wolfson Microelectronics CODEC


4 USB Host,1 USB Slave(support ADB debug)


SD/MMC interface,up to 4G

Serial Port

Software Features
Detail parameter:
  • Support software development of Google Android 2.1 embedded system(Offer integrity source code of Bootloader/Kernel and compile tools)
  • Support Windows Embedded CE 6.0、Angstrom、MDK system source code package(Offer inetgrity source code and development tools)
  • Provide full speed of usb download,support Windows/Linux
  • Offer integrity GUI development package of Android
  • Support to save current file when power down
  • Support the system boot from SD scard
  • Support software/hardware debug via PC or USB
  • Support call,message,surf the internet via WCDMA/GSM network(Android support)
  • Support GPS,Google MAP,provide real time navigation
  • Support WIFI,provide low power consumption wireless surf the internet
  • Support 100M ethernet,offer to config the parameter,support network application of industry
  • Support 200W pixel high resolution CMOS camera, support Android program code
  • Integrity schematic circuit diagram
  • 4.3' high resolution TFT touch screen
  • Support software/hardware debug by JTAG,cooperate with MDK-ARM
  • System version:U-Boot-1.3.4,Linux-2.6.30,Android-2.1_r2
  • Supply all the android packages about the hardware abstraction layer ,andriod inner nuclear layer and andriod application layer.
  • Suooprt 3G and 2G internet application modules: WCDMA/GSM/WIFI/Bluetooth/Camera.
Android System Features:
  • Provide U-Boot、kernel、Android-2.1_r2 source code and transplant guidance
  • Offer SAM-BA to download system image via USB
  • U-Boot support ethernet driver and TFTP service
  • Support each sublayer module drive of Android:LCD/TSP/Audio/USB/MMC/WIFI…
  • Offer integrity direction of Linux NFS debug
  • Offer detailed system transplant direction of Android
Android Application Features:
  • Offer ADB debug base on USB
  • Support MP3、MP4 play,scan pictures Provide WCDMA/GSM network,offer voice communication,transfer messages,surf the internet via 3G
  • Provide satellite navigation based on GPS
  • Surf the internet via WIFI/Ethernet
  • Offer more than 20 detailed development project based on Android
Windows Embedded CE 6.0:
  • System version:Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  • Supply a complete package include Eboot. And all the hardware driver source code.
  • Kernel/driver/application development tool: VS2005
  • Support video playback,file browser,IE browser internet ,SD card to storage date and so on.
WinCE System Features:
  • Provide integrity BSP sublayer source code which is based on AT91SAM9G45 hardware,contain FirstBOOT and EBOOT source code
  • Offer SAM-BA to download system image via USB
  • EBOOT support ethernet drive,support Nand Flash manage
  • Provide integrity sublayer hardware drive of LCD/TSP/MMC /UART/Audio/USB…
  • Support WinCE USB synchronous
WinCE Application Features:
  • Offer application development direction which is based on VS2005
  • Offer MFC application development direction which is based on WinCE Offer more than 5 detailed simple application development of WinCE(GUI/DialogBox/Process/Threads/Read or Write File/Registry)
  • Offer development project drive direction of sublayer hardware:LED/INT/LCD/UART/UDP/TCP…
Angstrom & Linux:
  • System version:U-Boot-1.3.4,Linux-2.6.30, JFFS2 file system
  • Supply Angstrom graphic file system package.
  • Support TFTP / NFS and other network debugging
  • Supply all the hardware interface driver:LCD/TSP/Audio/NET/Nand/MMC/USB/I2C/SPI.
Angstrom & Linux System Features:
  • Offer configurable Ubuntu embedded development environment
  • Offer U-Boot、kernel、Angstrom source code and transplant direction
  • Support SAM-BA to download system image via USB U-Boot support ethernet driver and TFTP service
  • Offer sublayer drive of each module which is based on Linux kernel:LCD/TSP/Audio/USB/MMC/WIFI…
  • Offer integrity direction of Linux NFS debug
  • Offer detailed system transplant direction of Linux
  • Provide working process of root filesystem which is based on Angstrom
Angstrom & Linux Application Features:
  • Support online debug via TFTP/NFS
  • Offer more than 8 detailed simple application development of Linux(File Operation/ Process/ Threads/Timer/TCP..)
  • Offer development project drive direction of sublayer hardware:LED/INT/LCD/UART/Madplayer…
MDK-ARM 4.0:
  • System Version:Keil uVision4,RVCT4.1
  • Supply MDK-ARM Guidance
  • Supply AT91SAM9G45 Hardware interface description
  • Multiple Hardware and software routines
ARM Simple Project:
  • ARM assembly program project 1
  • ARM assembly program project 2
  • Thumb assembly program project
  • ARM processer work mode project
  • C program project 1
  • C program project 2
  • Assembly and C mixed program project
  • Integration project
Software/Hardware Design Debug Based on Hardware:
  • LED control project
  • Interrupt control project
  • Serial port communication project
  • RTC real time clock project
  • DDRAM project
  • LCD display project
  • TSP touch screen operation project
  • ADC project
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Order No. EM3A price : $1,500.00

Item EMB9G45 Android 3G Mobile Internet Development Platform
Remark First 3G mobile internet libaray solution project in China
Delivery The EMB9G45 Android 3G Mobile Internet Development PlatformIDC10 Cable
IDC10 Cable
Crossover network cable
Mini USB cable
2G SD card
Power adapter
Touch pen
Skipped stitch
Guarantee paper
WCDMA 3G wireless communication module
GSM 2G wireless communication module
GPS satellite navigation module
WIFI wireless module
Wireless buleteeth module
Software Documentions Documents (user manual, schematic drawing in PDF format, Datasheet)
Linux 2.6.30
Android 2.1
Ubuntu 1.3.4

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