Customization service

27 October 2015, element14, Embest’s parent company has signed a global exclusive agreement with Raspberry Pi Trading to provide design and manufacturing services to OEM customers to create bespoke designs based upon the Raspberry Pi technology platform.

Now raspberry Pi platform, with its existing advantages such as ease of programming and ability to interact with and control physical devices, can be customized to suit specific customer applications across a wide range of industries and sectors from Internet of Things (IoT) technology to energy management, industrial and consumer devices.

With proven design and manufacturing expertise in ARM and embedded digital technologies, Embest has gained worldwide reputation and the honor to be chosen as the only officially authorized design and manufacturing service provider for Raspberry Pi. We can evaluate your needs, provide bespoke Raspberry Pi based customization designs to meet your requirements and have them delivered to you fast, safe, at very affordable cost.

Customization Services

Reconfiguring the board layout Incorporating additional functionality on the PCB
Adding or removing interfaces  Adding or removing headers or connectors
Changes to configuration and
type of memory


Why would someone customize a Raspberry Pi rather than using an existing development kit?

This would be down to cost, performance and software. Customers are interested in the Raspberry Pi because of the Broadcom chip and the solution that offers. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost base for a very powerful SBC. The software the Raspberry Pi runs on is interchangeable in their final design. It is very easy to code yourself and it is very easy to program into existing applications.

I found plenty of nice development kits on Embest online store. Why would someone customize the Raspberry Pi rather than using an existing Raspberry Pi board (Pi2, B+ or Compute Module)?

We’ve seen the Raspberry Pi used to create some amazingly innovative end solutions from both Makers and Professional Designers alike. To take the next step and commercialize these solutions, it may often require subtle but important changes to the form factor and/or the technical parameters of the sub-components on the Raspberry Pi board.For example certain components on the Raspberry Pi board may need adapting to be robust enough to withstand harsh environments, like broader min/max operating temperatures. Or the Pi layout may need adjusting to integrate into a single board, the Pi platform with the shield / HAT they have designed specific to their application – thus optimizing system cost.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Considering the cost, which will heavily depend on the nature of the modification, we suggest you plan on a quantity order for at least 3000 units. Contact our sales @ and find out more!

Application Cases

home automation
Home Automation System
  • Client:Futurehome
  • Platform:Raspberry Pi Compute Module
  • Application:Home Automation & Security Gateway
  • Customization:Almost complete end to end solution – PCB design, carrier board with wireless and Pi compute , enclosure and compliance
  • Customer location:Norway
Hotel Room Electronic Appliance Controller
Hotel Room Electronic Appliance Controller
  • Client:APAC Hotel management service company
  • Platform:Raspberry Pi2
  • Application:Touch screen control for room appliance control
  • Customization:
    • Remove all the ports of Pi2
    • Make it as a core board to communicate with the base board with two 40pins connector
  • Customer location:Asia
Video Conference System
Video Conference System
  • Client:Chinese electronic appliance company
  • Platform:Raspberry Pi2
  • Application:Video telepresence solutions to support video conference
  • Customization:
    • Integrated the touch panel
    • Increase the power management
    • Cutting PCB to desired size
  • Customer location:China
  • Client:APAC IoT Company
  • Platform:Raspberry Pi3
  • Application:Unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Customization:Remove of some ports of Pi3 board and downsize to 45*45mm
  • Customer location:Asia
Plant Protection Drone for Agriculture
Plant Protection Drone for Agriculture
  • Client:China Tech & info company
  • Platform:Raspberry Pi3
  • Application:Plant Protection Machine
  • Customization:
    • Make the Wi-Fi module outside
    • Reducing the quantity of USB ports
    • Remove the HDMI & audio interface
    • Remove the HDMI & audio interface
  • Customer location:China

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