SOM Series Introduction

A SOM module includes DDR memory, flash memory, various interface controllers, and board support package (BSP) software. Embest standard SOM Modules are small, integrated single-board computers with CPUs from lower-end to high-end, with standardized Pin-Out, form factor of the board-to-board connection, expansion interface and modules.

Standard SOM modules give you many advantages in product designing, such as shorter time-to-market, lower costs and minimized risks.


A standard SOM helps you to build a fully customized embedded design without starting from scratch, saving up to 3-12 months of product development time.


A standard SOM enables you to design with validated BSP and saves you energy in application software development when upgrading the hardware.

Embest offers 3 flexible and standard-based form factor as 3 different SOM module product lines

CUP Module SMARC PH180 Tiny Core
Introduction •  International Industrial Standard
•  High requirement on computing capability
•  Very complex embedded system
•  High performance
•  Embest Own Standard
•  Medium processing capability
•  Medium complex embedded system
•  Stable performance
•  Embest Own Standard
•  Medium process capability ,and low complexity
•  Sensitive on board dimension,like IOT and other     application
Form Factor 300+ Pin Sodium 180 Pin PinHead (2.54) 140 High Density Pinhead(1.27)
Dimension 50mm*82mm 50mm*70mm 35mm*45mm
CPU Platform i.MX 6 High-end
TI AM437X High-end
i.MX 6 Low-end
TI AM437X Low-end
i.MX 6ul
TI AM437X low-end
Features •  High performance CPU
•  Big memory configuration
•  Rich peripheral interface
•  High power consumption
•  Medium Performance MPU
•  DDR,128 M to 1 G
•  Flash: 256 M Nand to 4G EMMC
•  Rich peripherals
•  Medium size and power consumption
•  Medium performance MPU
•  Small size demission
•  Simpler design on complexity
•  Less feature ,only core system on SOM
Version •  Commercial
•  Industrial
•  Commercial
•  Industrial

Board list

PH180 standard is defined by Embest to meet the requirements of moderately complicated embedded designs,

such as applications in health care, new energy, industrial control, and IoT.


Application Field

Testing and certification

All Embest core boards are approved by the following test and certification:

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