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Raspberry Pi Customized Service Makes it Possible for More Industrial Application

  Shenzhen, China – Recently, Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), one of “three Microsoft annual seminars”, was held in Shenzhen known as “Hardware Silicon Valley”. Allen Tan from element14 was particularly invited to deliver a keynote speech, who made a significant statement on Raspberry Pi customized service.

Figure 1: Allen Tan is Making a Speech

 Invited to Attend Microsoft WinHEC: Raspberry Pi Customized Service Makes it Possible for More Indu

In the speech, Allen Tan said that, “since element14 entered into global exclusive agreement with Raspberry Pi Trading on Raspberry Pi customized service and manufacturing service in 2015, we have responded to the consultation of hundreds of corporate customers about Raspberry Pi customization in the world, and have accomplished a typical customization project”.

Element14 has made a planning for businesses in order that the subsidiary company of EMBEST is mainly responsible for the projects in Asian-Pacific region and those in European and American regions is under the charge of the subsidiary company of Avid. EMBEST is not only a hi-tech company with 16 years of experience in R&D and customization of embedded development board, and but also has a strict attitude toward production quality control of other British-owned enterprise, to make it have the natural advantages for Raspberry Pi customized service. The Raspberry Pi customized can give its strength in easy programing and interaction control physical device into full play to meet specific application demands of customers in different industries, which can be suitable for a variety of fields, such as controller in hotel and public area, video conference system, intelligent housing system and unmanned aerial vehicle.

Figure 2: EMBEST Raspberry Pi 3 Appears in Microsoft WinHEC

 Invited to Attend Microsoft WinHEC: Raspberry Pi Customized Service Makes it Possible for More Indu

As the subsidiary of element14, the global exclusive provider and manufacturer for Raspberry Pi customized service, EMBEST has a unique understanding and recognition on Raspberry Pi. In addition, EMBEST keeps up with the industry trend and see clearly that IoT industry has been the focus of global industrial distribution, as well as the strategic commanding point for scientific and technological development.

Allen Tan said that, “element14 aims to offer Raspberry Pi customized service to customers for adding new functions on PCB, reallocating circuit board layout, altering function configuration, adding or deleting functional interface, strip or connector, and changing storage type, etc. We have formed a full set of process of convenience, perfection and rapid response providing a one-stop service from design to production”.

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