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New generation of standardized CPU Module

 In the past year, Embest has released a few own-brand products, the TI Sitara line hit product focused on industrial control market is still Mini8600B, AM335X series, its stability and high scalability has fully recognized by the market although it has been launched for four years. Among these four years, we have received some essential feedbacks from our clients, such as increasing the image display module, optimizing the performance of the processor, expanding the storage on board or providing optional form factors of core module, and so on, we classified and analyzed them and our RDs, FAEs and sales then went to visit these who were kind to give us suggestions and communicate with them deeply to find more valuable information. At the same time, we contacted with TI Sitara technical experts and got their support, with more than a year’s efforts, we finally launched the new generation standard core modules SOM-PH8700 and SOM-PH8800 in the early February, 2016. We also provide a base board BB-EPH1800 for the convenience of evaluation of PH8700 and SOM-PH8800; customers do not need to buy an extra base board, the BB-EPH1800 suits for TI AM335X/AM437X SoC's assessment as well.

New generation of standardized CPU Module

 SOM - PH8700 is a CPU Module of EVK-PH8700 which focuses on medical equipment, industrial control, communication industry and other fields, it integrates with up to 1 GHZ TI AM335X processor and various peripheral interfaces. As a minimum CPU subsystem, the SOM is fully compatible with AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357, AM3358 and AM3359 processors without the need for circuit modification.


 4 GB eMMC and excellent capacity of bad block management.

 Compatible with BeagleBone Black Debian system and a lot of existing application resources.

 Rich peripheral interfaces: MMC data bus, serial SPI interface, the I2C interface, UART serial interface, USB, the MCASP audio interface, LCD interface, the ADC interface, GPMC interface, the user-defined LEDs, gigabit Ethernet PHY, battery management, support 24 MHZ crystal 32.768 kHz clock frequency

 Core board connectors uses 180 pin spacing 1.27 row needles, has stable performance and less processing difficulty with lower cost.

New generation of standardized CPU Module

 SOM-PH8800 is the CPU module of EVK-PH8800. It integrated TI's AM4378 processor and peripheral memory and can be connected to an expansion board through PH180 interface. SOM-PH8800 is compatible with the whole family of AM437x processors including AM4376, AM4377, AM4378 and AM4379, making it possible to realize different configurations by changing processors.


 4GB eMMC Flash memory, save more data and applications.

 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM (32 bit width) has high data throughput, can run more application at the same time.

 1 GHZ ARM Cortex-A9 core can process more complex applications.

 The CPU Module’s form factor uses 180 pin spacing 1.27 row needle, has stable performance and less processing difficulty with lower cost

 Onboard digital camera interface is very suitable for image acquisition (such as QR code scanning guns, etc.).

 Low power consumption. With the TI's unique low-power technology, the power consumption is less than 1 W when SOM-PH8800 runs.

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