Core Overview

Intel Joule Module is a 64-bit, Quad-Core compute engine with power management services, wireless connectivity and high speed I/O to accelerate your time to market. The Module integrates compatible and complementary technologies while eliminating the need to select, procure and place discrete devices. A high-end compute platform capable of delivering human-like senses to a new generation of smart devices Created for the Internet of Things (IoT), the Intel Joule platform enables developers and entrepreneurs to build out an embedded system or take a prototype to commercial product faster, while also minimizing development costs.

The platform incorporates a vast software and hardware ecosystem, enabling developers to choose from multiple operating systems and take advantage of off-the-shelf libraries and sensors.

The module is packaged into a very small form factor and runs a new software platform created specifically for Intel Curie module.Powered by the Intel Quark™ SE SoC, the Intel Curie module is extremely power efficient and ideal for “alway-on” applications such as health and wellness, social notifications, and sports activities. The Intel Quark SE SoC integrates a pattern classification engine that allows it to identify different motions and activities quickly and accurately.

Available Design Platforms