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Manufacturer: NXP
Kernel: ARM Cortex-A53
Time: 3~15Days
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CPU Module:

The new MSC SM2S-IMX8M module features NXP i.MX 8M processors offering dual- and quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 compute performance at very low power consumption and excellent graphics performance combined with a high degree of functional integration.

Built with best in class audio, voice and video processing technology, the NXP i.MX8M Family of Aplications Processors is ideally suited for Media IOT and industrial applications such as Video, Voice and Audio for Connected Devices, Smart Home as well as HMI, Voice and Vision for harsh enviroments.

MSC SM2S-IMX8M offers dual-core or quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processors in combination with ARM Cortex-M4 real time processor and Vivante GC7000Lite 3D Graphics GPU. It provides fast LPDDR4 memory, up to 64GB eMMC Flash memory, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, USB 3.0, an on-board Wireless Module as well as an extensive set of interfaces for embedded applications.

The module is compliant with the new SMARC™ 2.0 standard, allowing easy integration with SMARC baseboards. For evaluation and design-in of the SM2S-IMX8M module, MSC provides a development platform and a starter kit. Support for Linux is available (Android support on request).


  • Dual or Quad core ARM Cortex-A53 Applications Processor up to 1.5GHz

  • ARM Cortex-M4 Real Time Processor at 266MHz

  • Vivante GC7000Lite 2D/3D Graphics Processor

  • 4Kp60 HEVC/H.265, H.264 and VP9 Video Codec (VPU not available on 8MQuadLite)

  • Up to 4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM

  • Up to 64GB eMMC Flash

  • Dual-channel LVDS / MIPI-DSI x4 (optional)

  • HDMI 2.0 / DisplayPort with up to 4k (optional)

  • Dual Independent Display support

  • Dual MIPI CSI-2 Camera Interface

  • 2x PCI Express x1 Gen. 2

  • 2x USB 3.0 Host interface

  • 2x USB 2.0 Host interface

  • 1x USB 2.0 Host/Device interface

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Wireless Module (optional)

  • MMC/SD/SDIO interface

  • 2x CAN interface (optional)

  • 2x I2S Audio Interface

  • UART, SPI, I2C

  • SMARC 2.0 Compliant

MSC SM2-SK-IMX8-EP1(Base Board)

The SMARC 2.0 Starterkit for SMARC modules with the NXP i.MX8M/MINI processors is based on a Mini-ITX SMARC 2.0 carrier board MSC SM2-MB-EP1 and contains all necessary products to quickly enable the user to run and evaluate the SM2S-IMX8M and SM2S-IMX8MINI module range. 

The kit does not contain a SMARC module in order to give the user greater flexibility as to which particular module version and CPU speed variant is desired. As part of the SMARC 2.0 Starterkit, the appropriate Heatsink/Heatspreader and a Flash SD Card with USB Reader will be supplied. A bootable Linux installation can be downloaded from the MSC Support website and stored on the SD Card. A power supply with cable kit is also included for convenience. Direct screen output on a PC monitor is possible using the on-board HDMI output. As an option to the Starter Kit several suitable LCD kits of various resolutions and sizes are available upon request.


Key Feature:

SMARC 2.0 carrier board in Mini-ITX format with socket for SMARC 2.0 modules:

  • Heatspreader suitable for all module variants of the SM2S-IMX8M and IMX8MINI module families

  • 12V power supply and cable kit included for immediate operation of the Starterkit

  • Bootable Linux installation on Support Website, can be stored in SD Card (supplied with Card Reader)

  • DP and HDMI graphics output

  • LVDS graphics output on standard 30-pin connector; backlight connector includes adjustable backlight voltage and dimming

  • Ethernet (10/100/1000 LAN) connector

  • SATA, 4x USB 2.0 Host, USB Host/Client, UART, SD-Card socket

  • Getting Started manual

  • Optional TFT kits available


Data sheet

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