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Member Registration Agreement
Registration Agreement X

Before registering, please read the following. During the registration process, click the "Agree and Continue" button to accept the full terms of this agreement.

Article 1 Membership

You agree to the terms of service and complete the registration process on the website, you can become a member of this site, enjoy the site to provide you with the service.

Article 2: Membership

1, members must sign a contract to pay the relevant operating expenses in order to enjoy all the tax services provided by this site content (other registered new business can only enjoy part of the platform services);

2, any member is obliged to comply with these provisions and other network services agreement, regulations, procedures and practices.

Article III: Member Information

1, in order to enable us to better provide services for members, please provide you with detailed and accurate personal information, such as changes, please update, provide false information by the consequences borne by the members;

2, members have the responsibility to take good care of their registration password and modify regularly to avoid losses caused by members of the loss caused by the members of negligence. The User shall be legally responsible for all activities and events performed on his User Account.

Article 4: Cancellation of Membership

If you find any member of the following intentional acts, Ben Wang reserves the right to cancel the use of services, without any compensation;

1, may cause this site all or part of the service affected, or endanger the operation of this site;

2, for any fraud to obtain membership;

3, for any illegal use of the network service system;

Article 5: Supplementary Provisions

1, the scope of the above provisions is limited to the site;

2, members of this site because of violation of the above provisions and violate the relevant laws and regulations, all the consequences at your own risk, the site does not assume any responsibility;

3, within the provisions of this article, the site has the final interpretation.

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