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Environment & New Energy
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Environmental Protection:

The world's environmental protection industry output value is as high as $600 billion. As a 'sunrise industry', the development potential of environmental protection industry is very huge, the experts predict that China's environmental protection machinery manufacturing output value will reach up to 50 billion to 60 billion RMB in 2015, the annual growth will be 12% to 16%, and it also occupies the important position in the investment of China’s environmental protection, and has a vast space to grow in the future. According to China's environmental protection machinery of the eleventh five-year plan, during the period of '11th five-year plan' environmental protection equipment annual output growth rate should be more 15%, and the output value should reach up to 240 billion yuan in 2020.

Environmental protection applications

Environment & New Energy

  Project: Environmental Protection

  Platform: SBC8530


Based on the SBC8530 platform, utilized the Linux operating system, customizing hardware circuit and the interface such as audio play back and recording, Ethernet interface, serial port, SD card slot, etc. The project aimed to create a new type of environmental noise monitoring and management system, combining with sensor, communication, computer network, GIS and the information business processing system.

Environment & New Energy

  Project: Water quality detector

  Platform: Devkit1207


Based on the Devkit1207 platform, without OS, customizing LCD and a serial port, requiring low cost and high performance. Through the electrochemical reaction or chemical reaction makes the corresponding material involve in the water, then through the colorimetric method, titration, conductivity measurement methods such as corresponding material to calculate the water content.

Environment & New Energy

  Project: Water Quality monitoring system

  Platform: MBC-9X35


Based on the MBC-9x35, runs on Linux + QT, need the LCD interface and multiple sensors and system stability, CPU core module should be under industrial design. The monitoring system relies on the water's pH value, residual chlorine, O3 and ORP probe testing to collect the corresponding metrics to water quality monitoring/control device to realize the alarm, display, adjustment and controlling.

New Energy:

Clean energy, new energy vehicle charging equipment, environment monitor and devices… Embest has involved in many projects and products that are dedicated to building a better planet.

New energy applications

Environment & New Energy

  Project: Charging pile for new energy vehicles

  Platform: Mini6245


Electric vehicle charging piles are widely built across the country. On our customer's request, We has design the baseboard and changed I/O, RS485, CAN, LVDS. ARM9 and WinCE system is a must.

Environment & New Energy

  Project: Wind turbine by a clean energy company in Chengdu, China

  Platform: SBC6845


A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical power. It is widely used in wind power station in west China where wilderness is 90% of the scenery. We have design a control board to monitor

Environment & New Energy

  Project: Solar heating system by a Danish company

  Platform: SBC6000


We has customized main features such as ARM9, TFT LCD, UART and WinCE system.

Environment & New Energy

  Project: A machine that measures energy consumption

  Platform: SOM-SM8800

  Description: In order to meet customer’s requirement for low power consumption, we change the TFT LCD and Linux porting on the baseboard hardware

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